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Welcome To BizChargers

In an age when consumers rely on mobile devices and expect to stay connected 24/7, having a low cell phone battery can be enough of a reason to go home. BizChargers Portable Charging Stations for Businesses are the way to attract and retain more customers by providing them a convenient and flexible solution for charging their device quickly and safely  anywhere inside your establishment. Eliminating the need to be tied to a wall outlet, the fear of having a device stolen, and captive phones in a lock box consequently missing important phone calls, messages or emails. Whether you are a business owner or a consumer, Bizchargers are here to offer you an innovative solution to a common problem.

Sleek Portable Phone Charging Station

BizChargers Can Help You...

Increase Profits

The longer a customer stays in an establishment, the more money they will spend.

Keep Customers Happy

Happy customers are repeat customers. Keep your patrons always coming back for more. 

Boost Walk-In Traffic

Customers will be more inclined to visit your establishment when they know they need a recharge. 

Add Value

The perceived quality of your brand will increase when offering an innovative service.  

Stand Out

Out do your competitors by offering a service that will significantly influence a customers decision on where to go. 


The Modern Way to Charge Your Customers

Replacement Battery
  • Two Charging Devices

    Each Portable Battery Contains Two Built-In Cables. One for iPhone and One for Micro USB. 

  • LED Charge Indicator

    Easily Display How Much Charge Capability is Left in Each Battery so You Know Which Ones to Give Your Customers.

  • 2.5 Hours to Full Charge

    Each Battery has a 3,000 mAh Capacity, Which is a Full Charge for All the Latest Mobile Phones.

  • Pulse Technology

    Enhancing the Speed of Charging at Low Temperatures and virtually eliminating theft as users cannot charge the packs on their own.


Conducted Research* on BizChargers in Establishments

of people would stay longer if they were charging their phones giving you extra time to sell additional services


of people believe that BizChargers would significantly influence their decision on where to go if they were low on battery


of people would perceive your brand in a more positive light by offering this service


of people feel Stressed if their phone's run out of battery


of people carry no backup charger, charging cables, or external batteries. 

How it Works

Combining small, compact, powerful batteries with built-in charging cords and security features it is to no surprise that BizChargers were designed to specifically serve the hospitality industry and virtually any business. Using Pulse Technology each BizCharger simply charges on contact with its dock. This technology also serves as a built-in security feature, where each BizCharger can only be charged via its compatible dock