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Benefits of a Cell Phone Charging Station in Businesses

Benefits of a Cell Phone Charging Station in Businesses

Research taken from LG shows that people experience low battery anxiety when a phone is close to or already has died. In the study, 9 out of 10 people start to panic when losing power on their phone. 

As a business, customers are your life-line. It is impossible to establish a successful business without them. By ignoring your customers’ problems, you’re making your business or event one that’s easily forgettable. But by offering a amenities you can help solve this issue for customers. Solutions such as wifi and cell phone charging stations make your customers feel more at ease when in your establishment, and there are a lot of benefits that most businesses don’t even realize.

How Any Business Can Benefit from Charging Stations

1) Improved Customer Experience & Loyalty

Not every business offers a phone charging station because many businesses feel that there is not a direct ROI associated with the amenity. Offering a phone charging station helps improve a customer’s overall experience because they’re more engaged, and by improving their experience, you can make them much more loyal customers.

2) Boost in Sales

An indirect ROI! Any time you can increase your customers’ a) time spent at your location, b) customer retention and c) engagement, you’re going to increase the likelihood that these customers stay and spend more. If they have to leave prematurely to go find a place to charge their phone, then you’re already missing out on lost dollars. Overall, research has found that customers that charge their phones will spend 29% more than customers that don’t! Think about that ROI for your business. 

3) Increase in Foot Traffic

Once people know that they can charge their phone at your location, they’ll rely on you for it. Restaurants, bars, hotel's and gyms are all examples of beneficiaries of this. Local restaurants will be the place people go to charge their phone on lunch breaks, and bars can attract people that need to charge their phone before continuing on through the night. For Hotel's you can further aid to a traveler choosing between staying at your location or competitors. This will also attract fresh new customers to your venue. Once the buzz that your venue is offering a charging station gets around town, guests will be drawn in regardless on whether or not they had originally planned on going to your establishment! 

4) Competitive Advantage

As you can tell by now, there are a lot of reasons why businesses should purchase a phone charging station. All of these benefits help businesses establish a competitive advantage, and we’ve seen firsthand how it can help a business improve.