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How Portable Chargers Add to the Hotel Guest Experience

How Portable Chargers Add to the Hotel Guest Experience

In the Hospitality industry, customer service is king! Hotels are always looking for ways to improve their guest’s experience and offer a competitive edge that sets them apart from the rest. In the year 2017, we’ve seen numerous examples of technological amenities offered in the hospitality industry: free wifi, smartphone keycards and check-in systems, and many other helpful technological improvements. 

Enter Portable Chargers for Guests, 

BizChargers portable chargers offer a modern technology, that is easy to use for even the technologically handicapped. 

Seems simple, but there are many reasons why they are the perfect amenity for both the guest and the hotel. 

  1. The “wow factor” 

In the current world where everyone has a voice whether, on Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, or Instagram, the “wow-factor” could be the thing that leads to a favorable review. Imagine being away and suddenly realizing you a dead phone battery, all of the opportunities and memories you won’t be able to share but suddenly, you are enlightened to realize the hotel you are staying at offers complimentary portable chargers, what would your feelings be on that hotel's hospitality service? 


2. A portable charger allows a guest to be out and about, spending less time in their room 


Ideal for both business and leisure guests whether it be business meetings and dinners, or exploring a new city, and lying by the pool. If a guest is checking in and immediately has somewhere to be, hotels can save their guests valuable time by providing them with a BizCharger allowing them to explore the premises. 


3. Word of Mouth Marketing 


BizChargers allow for custom branding for hotels ordering numerous units. A portable charger being used in public is an automatic conversation starter. People will be intrigued to know that the hotel offers such a convenient service to their guests. 


4. The profit ad Opportunity 


The simple method of charging $2-$5 for a daily rental of a Portable Charger is a home run for hotels. 

Imagine this; a business hotel that has over 200 rooms, now imagine for a second that just 10% of the business traveler staying at this hotel out and about at meetings, trade shows, and dinners and needed a charger to get through their day. At a rate of $5 per charger that would equate to an added $100 a day for the hotel! 

The easy and simple profit add opportunities are endless for hotels! 


5. Chargers at conferences and trade shows


While the basics for any hotel is providing guests with a place to sleep, trade shows and conferences make up a big part of, business for many hotels. What way to better service attendees than by providing them with a BizCharger! 


Although just 5 reasons are listed here as you can tell the service offered by BizChargers are endless. Learn more about BizChargers and how they can perfectly suit your industry today.