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Why Restaurants Should Offer Phone Charging

If you own a bar or restaurant, it’s easy to see how often your customers are using their cell phones. Just take a look around your establishment and it will reveal a significant number of people with their heads down staring at their cell phone. 

Don’t think adding a charging station will affect your business? Consider the following:

  • When your customers don’t have to worry about their phone dying towards the end of the night, they stay in your establishment longer. When they stay longer, they buy more drinks and food. This simple concept has proven to be effective through numerous case studies. 
  • Giving your patrons a way to recharge will allow them to post to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and check in on FourSquare, which increases your online presence and word of mouth acquistion of new customers!
  • Offering an additional service such as cell phone charging shows you have your customers’ needs in mind- an extra step that may gain you some new regulars who need a recharge. 
  • With the ever increasing driving apps such as Uber and Lyft becoming main stream, adding a charging station guarantees your customers will be able to make it home safely. While this is good news for your customers’ safety and your establishment’s reputation, it will also keep customers in your establishment longer because they won’t have to order a car before their phone dies, or stress about how they are getting home throughout their dining expierence. 
  • Consider all of the dining apps people use today. Restaurants using reservation apps such as OpenTable that alert customers via a text message when their table is ready, can be rendered useless by a dead battery. For your customers that are watching their diets, allowing them to use their diet or nutrition tracking apps while dining will allow them to enjoy their meal with much more ease of mind
  • More and more people are using systems such as Apple pay to pay, and mobile wallets to pay for their dining. Providing a charge throughout their meal ensures they can continue using their preferred method of payment through their cell phone.