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Bizchargers with Business travelers 

With business travelers very often arriving late, rushing around town all day long, and hopping from meeting to meeting. So when do these guests get to charge thier phones? Bizchargers allow for your business travellers to simply pick up a Bizcharger at reception in the morning and stay on the go, connected all day! Offering a business room package where alongside their morning paper or wakeup call, a freshly charged Bizcharger is delivered to their room every morning will be sure to leave a long lasting great impression on their stay. With each Bizcharger being light and compact, with two built-in cables, reduces the need for them to fiddle around searching for the right cable in their bags. 

Designed to suit the hospitality industry, the Novi is an elegant solution with 8 removable pods which can be leased out to your hotel guests. Simply add a charge to the room bill in form of a deposit and clear the item line once it has been returned at the end of the day.

What if a guest forgets to return the Bizcharger? 

Not to worry! With our Bizcharger hospitality insurance plan we will overnight ship you a new charger compatible with your charging dock if one is lost. 

Bizchargers with Leisure Guests

Whether your leisure travellers are at your hotel to sightsee, or to stay by the pool and lounge around, Bizchargers are the perfect solution for your hotel to provide accomadation! Whether its for GPS soultions on their maps, checking which resturants to eat in for lunch, or to take photos and videos, all of these require a lot of battery! 

For the guests lounging around your pool area, Bizchargers can play just as important of a role. With a  decrease of people reading physical books, guests can use the chargers to charge their tablets, kindles, or mobile phones - which often are switched onto the highest brightness possible in order to read the device in the sunshine. 

All that needs to be done is for a Bizcharger to be picked up at reception in the morning, or delivered straight to your guests door. Then it can be returned in the evening after a long day of sightseeing or lounging. A simple solution is to add a deposit item line on a room bill and remove it each time it's returned - but you know your establishment best - how could you best utilise Bizchargers to please your guests?

Hotel Branding 

If interested in branding your hotels name on your chargers please contact us! We offer fully customized Bizchargers to all establishments.