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BizChargers for Your Restaurant or Bar

BizChargers are here to help both you and your customers. Designed with the hospitatlity industry in mind, each unit comes equipped with 8 removable pods which can be leased out to your guests. In the year 2017, it is now the norm to demand having your phone charged, but when asking, customers are occasionally pointed to the direction of the nearest availble socket. If they are lucky they'll even have a charging cable to borrow. Other times, their phone is just whisked off to behind the bar, or inside the kitchen or management office, stowed away to charge. This means the person who is charging their phone can't actually access their device while it charges! With studies showing the average person checks their mobile phone over 110 times a day, it becomes very easy to see why terms such as "Nomophobia"(The fear of being without your mobile phone) have been developed.


Stand Out 
Out do your competitors by offering a service that will set your establishment apart. 
Happy Customers
Happy customers are repeat customers. Keep your patrons always coming back for more. 
Increase Profits
The longer a customer stays in an establishment, the more money they will spend.
Happy customer at restaurant after using bizchargers to charge her cellphone
Offer Your Customers the Very Best
Simply put, people never want to be without their mobile device. Even more so if they're waiting at your resturant or bar for an important phone call or email to come through. Bizchargers enables patrons of resturants and bars to charge their mobile / smart devices right where they are sitting!
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